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There are two types of diamond configurations that can be used. Full set of diamonds are when the diamonds are placed at all positions on the diamond holder discs. Half set of diamonds are when diamonds are placed at alternating positions on the holder discs.

By changing the way the diamonds are set up on the diamond holder discs, the operator can significantly affect the performance of the machine and therefore the finished product.

The operator can also chose from a double or single segment tool. This will enable the operator to have control over both his tool economy and productivity.

Full Set

A full set of diamonds will cut a flatter floor when compared to a half set of diamonds. The full set will remove all the high spot instead of carrying with the surface of the floor and dropping down into the low or softer spots. With a full set of diamonds, the highest level of flatness will be achieved.

Half Set

A half set of diamonds will follow the surface of the floor. The grinder can be placed on an uneven surface and yet still find a stable footing. The half set diamond configuration should be used when a flat floor is not required. The half set will carry over the high spots and into the low spots, which is ideal for removing floor coatings or glues, where optimum flatness is not the overall objective.

Double Segment

Double segments are more commonly used as there is less pressure on each diamond segment resulting in lower cost and longer tool life. In principle, double segments are used on softer concrete to prevent unwanted excess removal of the concrete stock.

Single Segment

A single segment is more commonly used on very hard surfaces as this increases the grinding pressure per diamond segment. This will result in a higher productivity and a more aggressive concrete stock removal.

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